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Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop Overview

What is Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop?

Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop is an exhilarating sequel to the popular drifting game, Burnout Drift. Designed for players who love the thrill of car racing and precision drifting, this game offers a true drifting challenge set against the backdrop of challenging tracks and dynamic weather conditions. Before hitting the track, players have the opportunity to customize their vehicles, adjusting suspension, body angle, paint job, and alloy style to suit their driving style. With three different tracks to practice on, each featuring unique layouts and weather conditions, Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop provides an immersive and thrilling drifting experience for players of all skill levels.

How to Play Burnout Drift 2:

  • Customize Your Vehicle:

Before taking to the track, customize your vehicle to suit your preferences and driving style. Adjust suspension, body angle, paint job, and alloy style to optimize performance and aesthetics.

  • Practice Your Drifting:

Take to the tracks to practice your drifting skills. Each track features hairpin turns and long sweeping bends that provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your drifting prowess. Score points for each successful drift, with longer drifts earning more points. Be mindful of the score multiplier, which increases the longer you drift but resets if you hit the sides of the road.

  • Earn Coins and Upgrade Your Vehicle:

During races, earn coins for successful drifts and use them to upgrade your vehicle or purchase new and more powerful supercars. Upgrades allow you to enhance performance and handle more challenging tracks, while new cars provide additional options for customization and drifting.

  • Becoming a Drifting Legend:

With practice and skill, aim to become a drifting legend in Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop. Master the art of precision drifting, conquer challenging tracks, and earn your place among the elite drivers. With its dynamic gameplay and customizable features, Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop offers endless opportunities for players to prove their drifting prowess and strive for greatness.

 Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop is a thrilling sequel that delivers on the excitement and challenge of drifting. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice driver, this game offers something for everyone, with its customizable vehicles, challenging tracks, and addictive gameplay. So, buckle up, hit the accelerator, and prepare to drift your way to victory in Burnout Drift 2: Hilltop!


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