About Rally Point 2

What is Rally Point 2?

Rally Point 2 is an adrenaline-fueled racing game that takes the excitement of car games and driving-games to the next level. In this thrilling sequel, players are challenged to showcase their speed, precision, and strategy as they navigate through diverse terrains and race against the clock. With a selection of high-performance vehicles and challenging routes, Rally Point 2 offers an exhilarating experience for racing enthusiasts.

How to Play Rally Point 2:

  • Choose Your Road Warrior: Begin by selecting your preferred vehicle from a range of options, each with unique characteristics and abilities. Whether it's the agile Spryster or the powerful Evader, choose the car that suits your driving style and preferences.
  • Master Diverse Terrains: Rally Point 2 features a variety of landscapes, including snow-covered landscapes, forest trails, and desert circuits. Master each terrain by navigating through challenging routes and obstacles while striving to beat the ticking clock.
  • Perfect Your Time Trial Runs: The objective of Rally Point 2 is to complete time trial runs as quickly as possible. Perfecting your runs not only earns you bragging rights but also unlocks new high-performance vehicles. Strive to achieve the best times and prove your driving prowess on every track.
  • Utilize the Nitrous System: A unique twist in Rally Point 2 is the inclusion of a nitrous system. Tap into the potent power of nitrous to gain speed boosts during races. However, use it wisely, as excessive reliance on nitrous can lead to catastrophic consequences for your vehicle.
  • Balance Strategy and Speed: Rally Point 2 challenges players to balance strategy and speed effectively. Navigate through obstacles, utilize nitrous strategically, and maintain control of your vehicle to achieve victory on the tracks. Adapt your racing tactics to each terrain and race against the clock to emerge victorious.
  • Experience the Thrill of Racing: With its blend of strategy, speed, and adrenaline-pumping action, Rally Point 2 offers an unmissable joyride for racing fanatics. Feel the roar of engines, put the pedal to the metal, and blaze down the tracks in one of the most exciting entries in the car-games genre.

Rally Point 2 delivers an exhilarating racing experience that tests players' speed, precision, and strategy. With diverse terrains, high-performance vehicles, and the inclusion of a nitrous system, the game offers endless thrills for racing enthusiasts. Whether you're perfecting time trial runs, unlocking new vehicles, or mastering challenging routes, Rally Point 2 promises an adrenaline-fueled joyride that will keep you coming back for more. So, gear up, rev your engines, and prepare for an unforgettable racing experience in Rally Point 2!


  • Drive: WASD or arrow keys
  • Drift: shift
  • Nitro: Z or spacebar

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